San Francisco


Jeffrey and I returned from San Francisco last week glad to be back at home.  We had a great time but I think that we both agreed that San Francisco is not the place for us.  I had fun seeing the sights with the girls while poor Jeffrey worked almost the whole time we were there.  I think he ended up having a pretty nice time though….we got to go out for nice dinners in the evenings and we stayed in a really nice hotel right down town.  All in all it was a pretty good trip though.  It was good for Jeffrey’s business and it was a nice little get-away……certainly something we will always remember.

We missed Trey a lot while we were gone but I think that he did just fine with Doc and Cece.  My parents were wonderful enough to take Trey back home with them while we were out of town and he even got to visit with the other set of grandparents too.  My friend Casey kept Trey the day that we left and he kept telling us we needed to leave as soon as she got there….Apparently he can manage without us.

We are so glad to be home though and back into the swing of things–work, school, soccer.  We’re pretty happy where we are I believe.

Here are a few pictures from out trip to San Francisco!

Jeffrey and me at Alcatraz

Here we are at dinner at a wonderful restaurant at Fisherman’s Wharf after visiting Alcatraz

After a great breakfast at Sears our first morning in San Francisco.  It’s apparently a good place because you can see the line of people on the sidewalk behind us.

Here we are at one of the entrances of our hotel (Hotel Nikko) just as we arrived from the airport

This is what the girls did while the guys worked!  Here’s the group at the Golden Gate Bridge.  Poor Jeffrey didn’t get to see it…..  😦


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