And so it begins….


It has been a busy week for all three of us.  Jeffrey has been working hard so we can be ready to head to San Francisco next week, Trey started soccer and school, and I have been trying to keep up with those two.

Trey had a blast at soccer practice even though he didn’t listen very well.  Hopefully that will improve…..we had a chat about it…..several times.  He did really well with the ball when no one else was around to take it away.  He’ll just have to catch on and I think this will be a good thing for him.  It was a learning experience for me as well.  I learned that the shin guards go inside the socks, not on top of.  I’m have no idea what I was thinking.

Here’s Trey as we headed out for practice.

An action shot.  He’s so little.  🙂

Trey also started preschool on Thursday.  He was a little excited about it.  He has some really good teachers who will hopefully whip him into shape and get him ready for kindergarten next year.  It’s next year that I dread thinking about….I’m not sure what we’ll do about school then.  Anywho….he has had lots of fun the past two days and has already brought home lots of artwork.

The big boy on his way to school with his new backpack!


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