Things are getting busy


Things are starting to get busy around here. We leave for San Francisco in a week and things are really crazy with Jeffrey’s work. Trey starts soccer on Tuesday and school on Thursday so it’s a big week for him. He’s more excited about the soccer though. Jeffrey, Trey and I went to buy soccer stuff earlier tonight and we got the tiniest little shin guards and cliets. They are just adorable…..and so is my baby. When we got home from the store Trey and I played outside with him soccer ball and goal for a little bit while Jeffrey cooked a wonderful dinner.

Here is Trey with his new soccer ball after he scored a goal. He was too cute. I’m sure there will be many more soccer pictures to come.

The Auburn football season started today! It was a little crazy around town today. We don’t have tickets to the games 😦 so we just went into town and visited with my parents. Trey had to be decked out in Auburn gear though. He was sad he didn’t get to see the “team” though.

Trey and Doc while we were eating lunch. Trey was not in a very good mood and was making a mad face so Doc made a silly face. Unfortunately it didn’t help Trey’s mood.

Trey got a “puppy” the other day that he says “loves him very much.” This thing has gone everywhere with him since we got it and Trey is so funny about it. I swear he treats it like he would a real dog. The name is the funniest part of all. This is the third stuffed animal puppy dog that Trey has received. The first one’s name is Ruff. The second one’s name is Ruff Ruff. This one’s name……Ruff Ruff Ruff Ruff Ruff. That’s right….five “ruff’s”. I’m really not sure why but he was pretty insistent about it. Anytime you ask him he always says it nice and slow like he is trying to make sure he doesn’t leave one out.

There are just a couple of pictures from the car one day. I like the one of Jeffrey and me because Trey is peeking through behind us. That is so him. The other one I just thought was adorable of him.

Anywho….I should run. I just wanted to share our pictures!


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