Home again


This past week Trey and I made yet another trip back to Guntersville for a few days. We spent some time visiting and helping my parents pack for their big move in a few weeks. It was fun but exhausting. I am so glad we are moved and settled in. We also got to see Ace, Coco, and Meriel and even got to watch Meriel at soccer practice. (Trey is counting down the days until he starts soccer.)

Today we just returned from Jeffrey’s company cookout. The cooking was the only thing that was done outside since it was pouring down rain the whole time. It’s a shame too because there was a pool and we were all excited about swimming. We got to meet all of the people we will be going to San Francisco with in a few weeks and had a really great meal. There were also some other little boys there for Trey to play with. He had fun for a while but the other boys were older and well…..

That’s something I really worry about. I just want Trey to play well with other kids and I am way too overprotective. Not a good mix I guess. I’ve got to work on that. Anyway, with school starting soon I am anxious and hope that he does alright. I guess we’ll just have to say a little prayer and see what happens.

Well, here are just a few pictures from the week in Guntersville.  Nothing too exciting but hey, I like pictures.

We found a butterfly in one of the planters on my parents’ porch. Trey was very excited. He said, “The caterpillar turned into a butterfly!”

Amazingly my child finds ways to torture my parents’ dogs even while he is in the bathtub. Imagine that.

My baby and me. He doesn’t like it when I call him that. 😦

On the way home. He was so exhausted. I told him it was time to lay his head down and he was out. So sweet.


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