Things are good…


Things are great around here. Trey is doing great now that we have a routine down. Jeffrey is working a lot but is really enjoying his new job. I am loving staying at home with Trey and wouldn’t change it for the world!

I think we might have found a church and Sunday school class that we like and we are really excited about it. Everyone has been so nice and the pastor has completely impressed Jeffrey and me. There is really not much else going on around here right now but things are about to get busy soon. School will start for Trey after labor day, we have our San Francisco trip, and Trey is signed up for soccer. I just hope he can catch on….we aren’t too sports oriented around here.

Trey and I just got back from visiting with my parents and helping them get ready for their big move in a few weeks. Trey had a dentist appointment in Huntsville last week which he did amazing at. I was so proud! The dentist is just down the street from the high school so I stopped in and visited with a few people and we saw the cheerleaders which made Trey very happy. He still loves the cheerleaders!

I love this. My dad had just gotten back from a week long fly fishing trip in Colorado and Trey had been looking forward to Doc reading him a book when he got home. Trey picked the bee book.

Trey at the dentist! He got gloves the first time he went so the first thing he did this time was ask for some. (they were bubble gum flavor…)


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