The bigger big boy bed


Trey has been in a big boy bed for quite a while now but we recently got him an even bigger one….a bunk bed. One of Jeffrey’s wonderful co-workers had a bunk bed they were trying to get rid of and just gave it to us. He delivered it and all!  I was actually looking at buying one before this (which Jeffrey wasn’t too thrilled about).

Anyway, we are thrilled about Trey’s new bed. For several weeks Trey had been sleeping on the bottom bunk. The only interest he has shown in the top bunk is for Nana. Whenever we would ask him about sleeping up there he would say “but it’s for Nana when she comes to visit us. Where would she sleep?” Jeffrey and I of course find this hilarious but have gone along with it. Saturday night we asked him again about sleeping on the top bunk and he said “sure.” So, now our big boy is sleeping on the top bunk.

I guess it’s a silly thing to blog about but he’s been so cute about it and was so excited once he started sleeping up there. Here are a couple of pictures of Trey in his big, big boy bed.

When did our baby get so big?

Of course we had to put his million and one stuffed animals up there with him. He’s so funny! Ignore the flowery pillow…that was my doing. One more buffer between the rail, edge on the bed, and really far down.


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