What we have been up to….


Well, we’ve been up to a lot of things lately. Trey finished up his swimming lessons this past week and guess what…..he still doesn’t know how to swim. He did learn a lot and had a good time at least.

A few weekends ago while Jeffrey was working 😦 we went to the water-park with Kathy. I have to admit that it was a little scary looking but we all had a good time. There was a kiddy pool with a slide he played in for a few minutes but then he saw the BIG slides. We did the curvy, twisty slides a couple of times and then he went for the really tall one that goes straight down. He was screaming as he came down and I thought he was upset but when he slid into my arms he was laughing as hard as he could. It was so funny…..and brave. There were big people who wouldn’t go down that slide. I had so much fun on the water-slides too and pretty much felt like a kid again. It was funny.

This is Trey on the little slide. I wish I could have gotten one on the big slide but I couldn’t really take the camera with me over there.

We just returned from camp meeting last night. It’s basically church campground where everyone stays in little cabins, you have church twice a day and you visit with friends. During the week there are different activities at night and they do vacation bible school for the little ones. It’s always a lot of fun and we get to see Jeffrey’s side of the family which is nice. The past few years Jeffrey and I have only been able to go the last weekend (it actually lasts ten days) but I am going to try and stay a little longer next year. We’ll have to see how things go. I think Trey would have fun being there a little longer to play with his friends. He had so much fun playing with his big cousin Eli and running around covered in dirt. I brought him five outfits for the two days we were there and I could have used one more!

In the cabin next door a boy had a little pet bunny. It was adorable and I have never seen Jeffrey act the way he did around that thing. It was hilarious…and cute. I’m campaigning for a dog and he refuses but then he sees the bunny rabbit and he starts trying to convince me that we need one.

It was a soft bunny though…

Trey liked the bunny too….just not nearly as much as his daddy!


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