Swimming Lessons


Trey started swimming lessons on Monday. He is doing wonderful and I am so proud of him. He is not even the slightest bit scared. I remember when I took swimming lesson when I was little…..the teacher had to push me off the diving board I was so scared. Trey just goes with the flow and does just what his teacher asks. It’s so cute to watch.

My parents were in town for a few days this week which we all enjoyed. Doc and Cece came to Trey’s swimming lesson a couple of times to watch him and they kept me company as well. Dad even helped me put a dimmer on the switch in the dining room. The light was way too bright. I guess lower wattage bulbs could have fixed that now that I think about it. Oh well though.

I’ve had a good time at Trey’s lesson watching him, visiting with my parents and meeting some of the other moms. It’s nice to have some adult interaction every now and then and it’s not easy not knowing anyone around here. I’m hoping finding a church will help that. We’re working on finding a church but we haven’t found the right fit for us yet. Say a little prayer about that if you will.

Here are some pictures from swimming lessons.

Here’s Trey getting in the first time. I think his teacher thought he would be scared….but he wasn’t. He jumped right in.

This is Trey learning how to kick. He did pretty well.

They were learning how to blow bubbles. Unsure why…

Here was the first time he put his face under. It was pretty adorable. He still won’t put his whole head under, just his face. He holds his little nose. Too cute!


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  1. Too cute! Glad that you are able to meet some other adults this way. Hopefully you will find some great friends soon! I sure know you are a great friend!!!

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