4th of July Weekend


So the actual 4th of July was not so eventful for us…..it was actually quite boring but the rest of the weekend was much more exciting. Saturday afternoon we headed back to Guntersville so we could see Meriel get baptized on Sunday. How much more exciting could any weekend get?! I always get a little choked-up during baptisms but this one was extra special for obvious reasons. It was so sweet to watch and Jeffrey and I were so happy that we could be there to see her on such a special day.

We also got the visit with both sides of the family on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. After the baptism there was a big get-together at the Chupp’s house (that’s what I call my in-laws to avoid deciding what to call them….after eight years…haha). We got to see tons of family and…well I guess Jeffrey’s friend Brandon is part of the family now too. Andrew and Meredith were there as well and we always enjoy visiting with them because we hardly ever get to see them!

Here are some pictures from our busy day

Here’s Trey with Doc and Cece (my parents) before we left their house. They were so great to let us stay with them Saturday night! I love how Trey is looking at my dad….I think he’s waiting on the “spider” to get him.

Trey is becoming a great little photographer (except of for blurry part). Here are my parents.

Trey’s photography once again. I’m not so cute but I thought Jeffrey looked adorable!

Here is Meriel getting her bible and cross from Pastor Chris after she got baptized. She is of course standing with her parents.

This was also one of the highlights of the weekend. We got to bring Trey’s Thomas the Train table home….finally! I believe it has been at my parents’ house for about six or seven months. We didn’t have a good place for it at the old house which we were fine with until we put the house on the market. We removed a few pieces of furniture so the house wouldn’t look so cluttered when people came to look and Thomas was one of those pieces of “furniture”. Trey missed his train set very much but made sure to play with it every time he was at my parents’ house. Now the train table has returned to our home and we have one very happy four-year-old.


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  1. I am sorry we didn’t make it to church this day! Aidan woke up sick, sensitive, and slept most of the day! He is getting better.

    Wish we could have seen you guys!

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