It finally arrived!


Wall-E of course!  Our funny child who just happens to love robots has been counting down the days.  Well, the Wall-E movie came out on Friday and we just had to be there to see it.  It was a really cute movie that Jeffrey and I enjoyed too.  Part of the reason we enjoyed it so much was because we knew Trey was loving it.  I thought it was pretty funny that he has been so excited for a long time about this movie but as soon as we sat down he was in a different world.  Other children were bouncing in the seats and yelling out but our child just sat there quietly and took it all in.  Every now and then this cute little grin would start to play across his face and he really only laughed a few times.

When we got out of the movie he talked on and on about different  parts of it and we even found Wall-E and Eve in the lobby of the movie theatre.  Trey was very excited about them but you certainly cannot tell from these pictures.  Just a warning…these are really bad pictures but I just have to put them up.

Trey was holding hands with Wall-E.  That was one of the cute things in the movie.

Trey holding Eve’s hand

Cheesy grin…from both of us.

Saturday we went met up with some friends we don’t get to see that often.  We had a great time at dinner and then we went back to their place later for some wonderful cake and ice cream.  It’s so good to see old friends.

Before we met up with Eric and Jen we made a trip to the Disney Store to get Trey some Wall-E toys.  They didn’t have any.  Can you believe it?!  The day after a big Disney movie comes out the people in the Disney Store looked at me like I was an idiot when I asked if they had any Wall-E toys.  Really, they did.  One lady said “Wall-E stuff is right over here” pointing to where the t-shirts were and I said “no, actual toys.”  They were just like “Huh.  Well, we don’t have any of that.  We haven’t seen any.”  We were a little frustrated so we went across the street to Toys-R-Us and boy did they ever have what we were looking for.  So…we might have gotten a few too many but Jeffrey and I were just excited about it as our child was.  We also got him a t-shirt and he got a “free” watch when we bought his movie ticket.  I don’t think we’ll be buying anymore Wall-E stuff anytime soon.

Here’s Trey playing with Wall-E.  He was popping out the trash cube.  There other “rogue” robots we got are beside him.  You can’t really see it but he is wearing the Wall-E shirt that’s “just Trey’s size.”


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