Sprinklers and Ice cream


So, in our wonderful new yard we have a sprinkler system.  The other day I was trying to fix one of the sprinklers and Trey kept trying to get into it.  I told him to stay back before he got soaked but then Jeffrey came outside.  That was the end of it.  Within minutes Trey was back outside in his swimsuit running through the sprinklers.  It was pretty cute.  Jeffrey and I grabbed some chairs and sat out and watched.  I believe my sprinkler days are over.  Trey had a great time and Jeffrey and I had fun watching him.

I know it looks posed but it’s not at all.

This is when he tried to come and give Jeffrey a bear hug  🙂

I love this one.  Mid-air, pure joy, and not holding back at all….there’s a child for you.

Last night after dinner we made a run to Bruster’s.  It’s pretty close to our house.  By the way…Trey’s still small enough to get a free cone!  The ice cream was yummy and we had fun taking pictures.  We even saw a pirate but you can ask us about that one later.


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