Settling In


We are slowly but surely getting settled into our wonderful new home. I’ve been kind of surprised at how quickly it has gone. Packing our old house took about two months and unpacking here only took a week. We even had Jeffrey’s boss over for dinner the other night. Not bad…

We have made a few trips to the neighborhood pool and had a fantastic time. We tried to go this morning but it was locked-up for some unknown reason so we settled for the playground instead. Trey likes the waterfall, tiny fountains and the ramp. He was quite excited when he discovered the “beach-entry” style ramp. I just can’t wait until he learns how to swim. He’s scheduled for lessons next month and seems pretty excited about it.

I am loving being at home with Trey during the day and we have so much fun. He’s so clever. Isn’t it amazing how a four year old can make you look at things in a completely different way than you are use to? Anyway, things are going well and we have never been happier!

Here’s a couple of pictures we sent to Jeffrey the other day while he was at work. Trey and I missed him and Trey had drawn something he wanted to show his daddy. Though you cannot at all see what he has drawn it’s still pretty adorable.


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