Busy, busy, busy!!!


This past week seems like a blur.  I finished up the school year…..and work!  Whoo-hoo for that!  Then Jeffrey came home for a night so we could head over to Rome for his cousin’s (and friend’s) wedding.  (His cousin married his friend…just fyi.)  We had a great time visiting with people we don’t get so see that often and meeting new people as well.

Before the wedding on Saturday we went to the mall for a while and rode the carousel then went to Evan’s first birthday party.  Then it was back to the room to get ready for pictures and the wedding.  Trey and Jeffrey were in the wedding and I got to chase Trey around and bribe him to do what he was suppose to.  He ended up doing a great job as ring bearer but I was worried for a while.  We stayed at the reception until the very end to see Brandon and Mary Elizabeth off and were worn out by the time we got home.

We are back at home now and still recovering from yesterday and a full day of packing up our house today.  We did manage to get away for a little while this morning for a trip to the park.  I love watching Trey play.  It amazes me to watch a child’s face when they are really having fun.  It’s the greatest thing ever.

Anywho….here are a couple of pictures from the weekend.

Trey in a window at the Chapel during the rehearsal

We were just walking….and all the sudden saw a zipline.  Now that’s fun stuff!  (I did it too!)

He wanted to ride the zebra.  Who can argue with that?

This is a very happy Trey because he is about to get his candy for doing such an excellent job being ring bearer!

Trey in daddy’s tie.  He wants so much to be a big boy.


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