Ahhh!!!  Things are so stressful right now.  Yesterday was one of the worst days in a long time for me.  Being away from Jeffrey doesn’t help any.  Trying to get things wrapped up at work is no fun either.  The end of a school year is never easy anyway but knowing that I’m not coming back and will be done with it in basically two weeks makes the days a little harder to get through.  Funny, because you think it would make it easier.  I’m just ready to be done.  Packing is difficult because I feel like I’m ignoring Trey to pack but if I want until after he goes to bed I’m too tired to do anything. 

Oh, we finally got an offer in on the cute little house in Auburn after two days of going back and forth with bank and real estate people.  Not five minutes after I got all of the papers faxed to make the offer the real estate guy (Jeffrey has nicknamed his Rosco and I’m not really sure why) called me to inform us that there was another offer coming in on the house as well.  Arrrrgh!

Anywho….I’m just trying to destress and get through the days the best I can right now.  I know this all sounds negative and I hate it to be that way because good stuff is really coming out of this.  Jeffrey and I really believe that this is what we are suppose to be doing or we wouldn’t be doing it.  I guess it’s just the transition that’s tough.

Okay, off to do my job!


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