The yellow balloon


Okay, I just typed this post and when I went to add the pictures my web browser closed and I lost it all.  Very frustrating.  Here we go again.

Things have been pretty lonely around here without Jeffrey.  At least we do get to see each other on the weekends.  I have gone down to Auburn three weekends in a row while Jeffrey hasn’t been able to come home yet.  He is coming home this weekend for mother’s day though…..little does he know I have big plans for him when he get here.  There is so much packing left to do.  I’m not going to let him get away with not helping me pack the entire house!

There are good days and bad days for Trey and me both.  He continues to be adorable, frustrating, sweet, mean, and the most precious child ever.  One day Trey had the best day ever and the next he threw his toys at Coco when she told him it was time to go.  I think all of the changes lately have been hard on him….especially being away from his daddy.  He cannot wait until the end of the week so we can go to Auburn and see daddy.  It’s the highlight of his week and it’s so sweet to listen to him talk about it.  If you will remember, we went to Cityfest in Auburn last weekend and Trey got a balloon.  Well, it got a hole and while we patched it up for a little while with tape, it got another hole and went flat leaving a very disappointed Trey.  Well, on morning he woke up really wanting a replacement.  I told him that if he could be a sweet boy and got a good report from school and Coco that we could get a balloon on the way home.  He insisted that it be yellow.  Well, the day went fantastic and Trey got a raving review from all……so he got a yellow balloon.  The people at the pharmacy seemed to think it was a little strange we only wanted one balloon and that it had to be yellow.  It made Trey SO happy and was the cutest thing ever.  I also suggested we stop by the movie store and rent a Scooby-Doo movie.  (I know it’s weird, our 4 year old watches Scooby-Doo)

Here is a very proud Trey with his yellow balloon

I’m not sure if I have mentioned it yet but Trey has been taking gymnastics while I am at the gym with the cheerleaders on Thursdays.  He absolutely loves it.  He sure is worn out by the time we get home though.  I asked how Trey did this past Thursday and the teacher informed me that he did better than last week but still has a little bit of a listening problem….but what 4 year old doesn’t?!  He so doesn’t do anything right and it’s frustrating and precious at the same time.  Anywho, since I don’t leave the gym until 5:00 I couldn’t stand the thought of not being able to pick him up until then so I just signed him up for a class while I’m there.  He loves playing with the cheerleader before his class starts too.

Trey climbing out of the foam pit at the end of a very long trampoline.

This weekend we of course went down to Auburn to see Jeffrey.  I got a shower one afternoon and when I got out Trey and Jeffrey were sitting on the sofa playing guitar.  Jeffrey always holds the strings for cords and Trey strums the guitar and he gets such a kick out of it.  They played the whole time I was in the shower.  I snuck up on them once I got out and snapped a couple of pictures.


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