We miss Daddy already…


It’s only Monday and we already miss daddy. This being away from each other is tough stuff. We do get to see each other on the computer every night and before bedtime and that seems to help Trey a lot.

Trey really seems excited about the move and the only thing he has seems even slightly sad about is having to find new friends.

We went down to Auburn on Thursday night after gymnastics and spent the weekend with Jeffrey. It was tons of fun! Friday was very relaxing for me. We got up and ready and Trey and I found a laundromat in town to do Jeffrey’s laundry. The guy there was really nice and we talked while the laundry was going. Then we walked around town for a while and had lunch with Jeffrey. Trey was sitting in his stroller while we were waiting on the last load to finish and I had to take a picture. This is such an Ace pose. (notice the crossed legs)

We went to CityFest in Auburn on Saturday in Kiesel Park. It was pretty fun….something to do anyway. I know Trey liked it because he got to bounce on the “bouncy things” and we left with a balloon. Not bad for something that’s free.

After Trey had a nice long nap we headed over to Opelika for dinner at Outback and a trip to the AWSOME Kroger. Trey insisted that his daddy sit by him and they made music with the sugar packets and paper coasters. Pretty cute!


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