Our Baby is a Big Boy :(


Trey turned 4 years old yesterday.  It’s exciting but sad.  He’s getting so big.  He also won’t let us refer to him in any way as “little.”  I guess it will be time for another one soon…..but not yet.

We had Trey’s birthday party on Saturday.  He had so much fun!  We had the “bouncy slide” and swing set along with lots of presents and food.  The cakes were absolutely adorable.  Trey wanted cakes shaped like Bob and Larry.  A cake with Bob and Larry on it wouldn’t do so……we gave Nan Marie a call.  She made the cutest Bob and Larry cakes ever with hard boiled eggs for eyes.  Trey LOVED them. 

When it came time to open presents Trey didn’t hold back.  He torn through all the tissue paper and barely slowed down to look at what he was getting.  It was pretty funny to watch.  Last year it took forever to open presents but he really got into it this year.  It was too cute. 

It was great to see all of our family who came to help us celebrate.  Trey loves all of him new presents and is so excited about his “birthday toys.”  Thanks everyone!

My mom made his shirt.  Didn’t she do a great job?

Here’s Trey proudly sitting in front of his “birthday toys”

The “bouncy slide”.  Oh how we will miss it next year….(it actually belongs

to the cheerleaders, we just borrow it.)

Bob and Larry cakes made a very happy birthday boy.  Thanks Nan!


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