We’re moving to Auburn!

A couple of weeks ago Jeffrey was looking for freelancing work and ran across this job in Auburn. It seemed to be exactly the kind of job he had been looking for (just not freelance). He checked into it and went down for an interview. Things went really well and they offered him the job!

We are so excited! We’re a little bit nervous and the fact the we still haven’t sold our house doesn’t help much but, overall, we can’t wait! Jeffrey starts on the 21st of this month (just two weeks from today!) He is going to go down and stay in my parents’ motorhome (thanks Mom and Dad!) and Trey and I will stay here until school gets out for the summer.

Keep us in your prayers as we start on this exciting new adventure in our lives.

While Jeffrey was on his interview Trey and I walked around campus. As we were walking in front of the Samford building we looked over and there was Aubie in the middle of the day walking across campus! He was obviously in a hurry but I took off running while pushing Trey in his stroller. I got some pretty funny looks from people. We managed to catch up when Aubie stopped for a second and Trey was so excited. He didn’t want to get to close but Aubie was very patient and sat down on the ground and got Trey to do the same.

Trey and Aubie. You can’t really tell but Trey just HAD to take his Veggie Tales pirates to show Aubie. It was cute.

Some nice lady walking by offered to take our picture. So here it is.

Future Auburn Tiger!


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