The Beach!


This week is my Spring Break so we took off to the beach for a few days. It has been a little bit cool in the mornings but it’s warmed up by lunch time. We’ve played at the beach and in the pool and even caught Trey when he was in a good enough mood to get some sweet pictures. Thursday was Trey’s Easter party at school but we missed it because we were down here so we had our party while we were at the beach. Trey and I dyed eggs and I made cupcakes minus the icing. They were yummy. Then we did the Easter bag thing (like what he gets at school parties). That way Easter day can be more special….even though we’ll be on our way back home.We’ve had tons of fun so far thanks to dad and Uncle David for working it out for us to stay here. Here’s a few pictures.


Trey trying to dig a really big hole. It didn’t really get that big.


Trey actually cooperating….and being sweet


Trey not cooperating as much but at least he was having fun


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