Spider-man and Car Washes


So….we went to Wal-Mart the other night to get some groceries. Directly in front on us when we walked in the door there were these Spider-man “things”. I’m not even really sure what to call it. Anyway, we were in the store for all of two minutes and Trey was saying “I want one, I want one.” Don’t you hate product placement? Every child we saw had one sitting in the cart with them. I thought it was way too tacky and Jeffrey said he would absolutely love it and it was only $4 so he went and got one. Trey was thrilled to death! He loves the thing and we’ve already gotten our money out of it for sure. Trey hits it, jumps all over it, and drags it around the house. He really likes it when we’re on one side and he’s on the other and we hit each other with it. I’m glad he’s enjoying it but it’s just so ugly! I have to hide it in his tepee when people come look at the house because it won’t fit anywhere else.


Trey and his Spider-man “thing”

Yesterday I really wanted to get my car washed. I wasn’t about to go to an automatic one since it took my antenna off last time so I tried to go to a hand-wash place to find that it was closed. My car was filthy and I just wanted it clean so Trey suggested mommy clean it. While that’s not exactly my idea of fun I thought Trey might have a good time. We ended up having a blast. Trey got absolutely soaked and was shivering but I couldn’t get him to go inside for anything. He had to wait until the car was all clean. We got it clean….eventually.


Now isn’t that just adorable?


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