Spring Break!!!


It’s my spring break this week! Yea! I was so ready for a break.  After tryouts last week and getting home ridiculously late every night I’ve been exhausted.We are going down to the beach next week and celebrating Easter down there. Trey is missing his school Easter party so I told him we could have our own Easter party down at the beach.Today we went and got Easter pictures. Trey was absolutely adorable and I cannot wait to get the pictures back. There were two moms in front of us and the grandmother of all six kids. We had to wait about thirty minutes because they got every single possible picture option. I let Trey choose what he wanted to pose with and he jumped up there as soon as it was his turn. He chose to stand by the fence with the Easter basket full of eggs. He took all of 30 seconds at the very most and he was done. It was really cute. I was so proud!Anywho….we were just messing with the camera on my computer and Trey picked the “glow” effect. I thought it was cute.glow-picture.jpgTrey and Mommy glowing!


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