Trey’s New Best Friend


Today was filled with action. First we made what has become our weekly trip to the library. Then we went to Tata and Papa Jack’s house to help clean out the basement. We didn’t do much cleaning but we sure had a ton of fun. My aunt and uncle were there too and they brought their dog Nellie. Trey absolutely loved him! Our poor child so needs to have a dog. We’ll get one eventually, we just aren’t in the best location for a dog right now. Anyway, Trey had so much fun throwing sticks and balls for Nellie to fetch. He would get so mad when Nellie wouldn’t bring it back so Trey would just go get it from him instead. Trey did this for what seemed like forever! I got tired just watching the two of them.


This is Trey being thrilled that Nellie actually brought the stick back


This is Trey about to take the stick away from Nellie so he can throw it again

After playing (not helping) we went to find Easter clothes. Since it was past nap time and Trey was getting cranky I thought I’d get him a little something as a bribe to tough it out a little longer. The bribe worked for a while at least.


Trey’s very first yoo-hoo. It was gone in about a minute.


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