Today we had a friend come over to play. Trey was so excited that baby Aidan was coming to play with him and could not wait until he got here. Everytime he heard a noise Trey went running to the door to see if it was Aidan.

Jeffrey went over to Aidan’s house to help paint the kitchen while Selah, Aidan, Trey and I played here. Trey was a little frustrated that Aidan played more with the toys than with him, but he was so sweet sharing. Out of all of the toys that Trey has, they had the most fun with some tissue paper they found under a table cloth. Trey and Aidan ran all over the house waving their tissue paper wildly and having an absolute blast.

But….all good things must come to an end. Trey’s naptime came around and Aidan eventually wore out. While watching the little boys play together was so cute, I just enjoyed spending some time curled up in my chair having an adult conversation with Selah……well between conversations with the kids. 🙂


Here’s Trey in our closet after being chased in by a tissue paper crazed Aidan


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