A Trip to the Dentist


Trey made his first trip to the dentist last week.  It was quite an experience…but a good one.  Trey had the best time.  We went to a pediatric dentist and the nurses were wonderful!  Trey got to taste the buble gum flavored gloves and even got a pair of his own.  He wiggled around a lot but the nurse kept talking and was so patient that Trey eventually calmed down.  The dentist came in and took a quick look and told us everything was wonderful.  Trey had the best time and made us so proud!


Here’s Trey playing with the gloves he wouldn’t take off all day


Now he’s ready for the dentist to take a look.


The big boy as we left the dentist with his gloves, balloon, really good teeth, and a new toothbrush with a shark head


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