The Ritz!


Well, we went to stay with Andrew and Meredith Friday night and Trey stayed with them on Saturday night but I had a little surprise for Jeffrey.  After we left the World of Coke Jeffrey and I headed in a different direction.  He seemed a little confused at first when I put Trey’s car seat in Andrew and Meredith’s car but he went along with it.  I had him type in the address on the GPS and it took us straight to the Ritz-Carlton in Buckhead.  The valets opened our doors and greeted us by name and when one asked what the occasion was Jeffrey replied, “Hopefully we’re just in love.”

We had a fantastic night at the Ritz and walked over to Lenox Square and then ate the best steak we’ve ever had.  We crashed in the wonderfully comfy bed and slept in late.  Then we had to most magnificent breakfast delivered to our room. 

It was a nice way to simply enjoy each other’s company and feel ridiculously pampered.


Here we are with our crazy breakfast in the room


Afterward we met up with Andrew, Meredith, and Trey for lunch before we headed back home


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