A nice surprise


The other day I got a phone call while I was at work.  I was terrified at first and thought something was wrong because it was Jeffrey and he never calls me at work.  Instead, Jeffrey and Trey had come all the way over to have lunch with me.  I went outside to meet them and Trey had brought me some beautiful yellow tulips and Jeffrey had brought some red and white ones.  How sweet!  Then we went to McAllister’s and had a wonderful lunch.  I was just so overwhelmed with how sweet and thoughtful it was.  What made it even better was that Trey ate ALL of his lunch and for those of you who know Trey you know that he hardly eats anything!  Thanks Jeffrey and Trey for making my day!


I could definately look better but Trey sure was being cute!


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  1. Hey! We have been keeping up with your blog and are really enjoying all the pictures! We are thinking of starting a similar site soon. It’s sad we don’t get to see you guys that often, but I love keeping up through this! We love you guys!

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