Trey’s 1st Snow


Snow is a rare thing around here and it’s especially rare for it to stick.  Trey saw actual snow for the first time today when we walked out of the mall and there it was covering everything.  Jeffrey had already called and asked if Trey had seen it but it started while we were inside.  The whole way home he was fascinated that everything was white.  When we pulled up to our house he was amazed that it was white and so was our yard and mailbox.  We went inside and Trey went straight to Jeffrey to tell him what he had seen.  Then the real fun began…..we went outside and played in the snow!   We all loved it.  We made snowballs and snowangels and ran around making footprints in the snow.  It was so much fun.  Here are several pictures from our little outdoor adventure.


 He just had to slide down his white slide!


Trey about to throw his first snowball at Jeffrey


Jeffrey showing Trey how to make a snow angel!


Trey making a snow angel


Trey’s snow angel!


Jeffrey and Trey after all the fun.


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