Hello Robots!


So, during that nice little trip we took to the library last week we found something amazing….”Hello Robots”.  I believe it is now Trey’s all-time favorite book.  It’s even surpassed Curious George!  He didn’t even touch the other two books we checked out but we have read the robot book every night.  Jeffrey reads it to him just before bedtime and there’s several parts that Trey won’t let anyone but himself say.  He says it in his robot voice and it’s the cutest thing ever.  I think that part of the reason he likes it so much is that for months Jeffrey and Trey have been playing this game where they take turns being a robot and they chase each other around the house.


Jeffrey reading “Hello Robots” to Trey

This week has been a little hectic with me getting back to work after the holidays.  Trey was sick some and that really made me wish I could be at home with him.  I guess we do what we must…

Anyway, I have to go out of town Monday night to a workshop and I’m going to miss my boys so much!  I wanted to take a picture of us all together at bedtime to take with me.  I hate missing bedtime because Trey is always so sweet…especially saying night-night prayers and giving “hug-squeezes” and ten kisses.  Tonight he was sad because he had “gupty eyes” but you sure couldn’t tell it from this picture.  (I’m thinking that’s a cross between goopy and goofy eyes)


All of use being happy just before bedtime.  Well, Trey’s bedtime anyway.


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