Having Fun


Trey is so full of energy…..I wish I could have that much! He makes even the simple things so much fun. One of the things Santa brought him for Christmas was Candyland and we have played it pretty much every night since then. We play three or four times in a row and it never gets old for him. We’re also teaching him about playing fair and being a good sport when he doesn’t win. No, we aren’t the kind of parents who lets our child win everytime…..aren’t we awful? Trey does win most of the time though. He has caught on really quickly and has lots of good luck!

Trey and Jeffrey playing Candyland one night before bedtime

Trey and I made a trip to the library this morning and we were about the only people there. Unfortunately our child would rather look at videos than books so I have to tell him he has to pick out so many books to bring home or he has to spend a certain amount of time looking at the books before he can go look at the movies. Today we left with three books and two videos. Hmmm…

While we were at the library Jeffrey was once again at home working away.  He works so hard and I appreciate him so much!  I love you Jeffrey!


Here’s Trey playing with the puzzles at the library. We had so much fun!


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