Christmas 2007


Christmas was more fun than ever this year. Trey is finally old enough to really get into it and he had a blast! We did have to give him a little gift-recieving etiquitte after one mishap but he did fine after that. Getting to see the joy on Trey’s little face was all that I needed but Jeffrey gave me a beautiful ring as well. He stuck it in the bottom of my stocking and put random items from the pantry ontop of it. I knew after pulling oregano, onion soup mix, and raisins out of my stocking that there must be something pretty good in the bottom. My favorite part about this time of year is getting to see family. It made me sad that my brother wasn’t around (he moved to Portland in November). It’s the first Christmas I remember without him. Jeffrey’s family came from Rome, Georgia to visit and Trey got to play with his cousins. My family all lives around here so we all got together at my parents’. Christmas was loads of fun but Trey wore us out with assembling and playing with all of his new toys!

The LeapFrog game has to be one of his favorite presents

The LeapFrog game is one of his favorite presents


The camera is also a favorite. Earlier he was taking pictures of Daddy and he said “Say cheese Daddy! Say cheese hamburger Daddy!”


Here’s an adorable picture of my boys on the way into the grandparents’ house on Christmas day. Trey is proudly holding his new toy.


We even managed to get a decent family photo. How rare!


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